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Each newsletter features an article with reference to a particular natural resource management issue in the catchment.


  • Winter 2005 "Native Fish in Sixth Creek", Michael Hammer (317KB) 
  • Summer 2005 "Bushland Rehabilitation without Herbicides - can it be done?", Andrew Crompton (684KB)    

  • Winter 2004 "Three Commonly Used Chemicals for Property Management", 6th Creek Catchment Group (319KB)   

  • Summer 2004 "Intensive Weeding Techniques", 6th Creek Catchment Group (729KB)    

  • Winter 2003 "Are you planning some revegetation?", John Jessop (595KB)    

  • Summer 2003 "Dealing with those unwanted fruit trees", Trevor Ranford (188KB)    

  • Autumn 2002 "Revegetation and habitat restoration for birds", Penny Paton (205KB)    

  • Summer 2001 "Phytophthora", National Parks and Wildlife SA (282KB)    

  • Winter 2000 (359KB)